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Latest News - New Site Launched

Welcome to Tech Unlimited


Welcome to our newly redesigned website which has been designed from scratch keeping in mind our customers requirements and needs and is why we have a range of new features that have been introduced, some are still in their beta stages so please report problems if you encounter any to help us fix bugs more quickly.


New Features:

  1. NEW CREDIT SYSTEM INTRODUCED, you can now top up your account and use the credits to buy any product or service (Explained in later update)
  2. Latest News will keep you upto date with new stock arrivals, services and any important announcments so make sure you check back often.
  3. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Now offers you the chance to answer your own most often asked questions yourself before having to contact support.
  4. Unlocking Server added to offer remote unlocking services to our clients.
  5. Live Chat support (when online) to help resolve issues quicker.
  6. Support ticket system to keep a neat track of issues with email notifications.
  7. Wholesale buying direct from product page.
  8. Not happy with the price? Suggest a price directly from a products page.
  9. (BETA) Shipping cost calculator.
  10. SMART Search bar to help you find the needed products much easilly than before.
  11. NEW CLIENT AREA which includes many new features, easier shopping history management, unlocking codes management and invoice records of new and previous invoices.
  12. NEW payment method added "Google Checkout" for more options to pay.


We hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as we did building it, please feel free to comment or ask any questions to myself or our support team via the support system.

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