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Samsung Canada NCK only (50% Sucess)

Unlock Any Samsung mobile locked to any European network, all models supported and codes are usualy delivered within 1-5minutes 24/7*


Service Open 24/7, using this service we provide :

1. Network Code (NCK)
2. Unfreeze Code (MCK)

WE Just require your phones IMEI number to calculate the codes.



  • Please note that service is connected directly to supplier by API, sometimes orders may not be delivered instantly due to server maintenance/updates, but usually they are delivered within a few hours when this occurs.
  • We are unable to cancel any Samsung orders once submitted.
  • Please check the phone you want to unlock is actually locked before ordering, as no refunds can be given on phones that are already unlocked.
  • To do this dial *#7465625# or insert a non accepted SIM card into the phone and it will prompt you to enter code or display "Invalid SIM card"

1-3 Days

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